Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wyatt married Annabelle in the kitchen.

I love going over to Julie's house because I like exposing Wyatt to all things GIRL. My best friend Julie has 4 girls and omggggggggggggg are they girly. We're always around boys. Wyatt's cousins are boys, he has a lot of uncles, and so the land of Barbie is very foreign to him. I let Julie's girls go glittery sparkly pink crazy all over him, and he loves it. 

Yesterday Wyatt wore a Cinderella dress and married his Bride Annabelle in the kitchen while she wore her Ariel dress. It was magical. In fact, Wyatt was sooooo into the kissing part of getting married, I thought he was about to go all creeper style on Annabelle. She wasn't as into being kissed as Wyatt was into kissing her. We had to tell him that he can't kiss people if they don't want to be kissed. I never thought I'd be having that conversation. 

Overall it was a good day though. I like seeing Wyatt playing with girls because I think it's good for him. I don't want him only exposed to rough and tumble stuff. Girls are fun too! 

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