Monday, August 27, 2012

Wyatt says his new house is boring.

Hello world. Dare I say we're 95 percent unpacked? Yep. We are.
The best part about this whole move was seeing how excited Wyatt was about his toys. Everything is new to him since it's been almost 6 months since he's seen his toys. We set up the train table and got all his little toys organized (the best we could!). He loves his little room!


He's very unsettled. We're not putting him in his room to sleep yet because this transition has been a little stressful for him. He regularly tells me he wants to go home and that this new house is boring. I think Wyatt was really used to being around kids all the time. I'm a little shocked to see how distraught he's been about the whole thing. I thought for sure he'd adjust and be so happy to have space and all his toys and blah blah blah... but no. He told me today that he wants to go back to Mom-Mom's house (his grandmother, where we were staying for the past 6 months). 

I'm really not sure what to do about it. I tell him that his house is AWESOME and that it's all his and stuff, but he doesn't care. And don't get me wrong, I can tell he does enjoy it, but it's just not home for him. He has waves of being happy and unhappy. I'm trying to understand him, but I don't think I'm saying the right words. 

And I know this is a waiting game and soon enough he'll be feeling more settled in, but for now I'm just a little heart broken for my kid. I know the feeling of not feeling settled and a little stressed out, which I think is what he's going through.

Anyone have any good advice to help transition my almost 3 year old in his new home?

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