Friday, September 28, 2012

Adult Disney Trip is a must.

Thank God for good friends. I've been in such a funk and Julie took me out to Disney a few days ago. I'm so glad I got to go kid free! Because truly, Disney kinda sucks unless you skip the kids. I walked around and saw all these parents sweating and lugging around a million diaper bags and kids screaming and I thought, "NOPE." I'm glad I got to have a kid free day. It was pretty much awesome. 

I ate a lot of food, vented, laughed, screamed on roller coasters, and walked until my feet were killing me. I loved it! We stayed until the park closed! 

Also, got to see the new Cars Land and it was utterly amazing. Like, totally awesome. They did an amazing job and everything was super duper realistic. It was like being in the movie. The best part of the park! 

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