Saturday, September 1, 2012


Yesterday we went grocery shopping FOR ALL THE THINGS! You know, all the things you need but you don't realize you need until you need them? I did my best to think and plan out what I wanted to buy. Mostly, I just wanted to start cooking again. I've honestly been craving being in the kitchen. It's funny because it's not even like I'm that big of a cook, I'm just sooooooo tired of the California eating out lifestyle that we've gotten ourselves into.

 So, after our serious grocery shopping day, I got inspired to make things. At first I just made dinner, which was a basic meat and potatoes kinda meal. Then I found myself prepping vegetables for salads, and then I made my grandmother's German Potato Salad which involved boiling eggs, potatoes, and frying up bacon... It felt so good!

I've been browsing my Foodtastic pinterest board with EVERY intention of making some of the things I've pinned. Like these awesome pizza crescent rolls and these little mini pancakes cooked in a muffin tin. FOOD.

Send me your awesome/delicious recipes my way!

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