Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I love you, Mason Jar. FREE PRINTABLE!

Full resolution, click here. Will print as large as 25.5x33inches (or 8.5x11).

So I'm helping my sister in law plan her DIY wedding for next summer and she's been collecting mason jars and other awesome little kitschy things for months now. I too, understand this obsession with mason jars. I mean, they might just be the most kitschiest things ever! I have several 40 year old jars that I have found over the years and I use them mostly for drinks. I could literally never part with them.

Here are some of my favorite mason jar related projects:

1. This line drawing.
2. This mason jar invitation.
3. Mason jar table numbers/place cards.
4. Another awesome invite.
5. This entire blog related to mason jar crafts.
6. The mason jar cookie company.
7. This cute article about mason jars.
8. Mason jar cocktails!
9. Spray painted mason jars!
10. Do it yourself mason jar candle.
11. Display your succulents in a mason jar.

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