Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's always been you and me.

Hey kiddo. Sometimes I feel like it's just you and me. And not for any other reason except that we're so connected. You know the real me because you were a part of me for so long. I look at you and I see your face and your eyes are gleaming and I can almost see smoke coming out of your ears- you're on fire! You're my little firecracker and there is nothing I want more than to keep your flame lit.

The things you say are so clever and deep and you don't even know it yet. Or maybe you do and just don't care? That makes you even cooler. I love asking you questions and hearing your answers. I hope we never lose that. Even though I can be crabby and need space, I hope you're always persistent for love. You've taught me that if you want something you have to fight for it. You're definitely a little fighter and you always know what you want (except when it comes to what to eat for lunch, but that's okay... those are life's biggest dilemmas). I love that about you. I love everything about you.

I love that you tell me to hug you, and then when I'm not doing it hard enough you tell me that too. I love that you kiss my arms. I love that you think I came from inside your belly. (That one kinda blows my mind but whatever! It works!)

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