Thursday, September 13, 2012

Photo booths are for lovers.

I was sent these pictures the other day and I absolutely love them. 
It's of my Pop-Pop and Granny back when they were young kids.

Hands down, traditional black and white photo booths are one of my favorite forms of photography. Nowadays people are taking photos, altering images, Instagraming, and just flat out deleting images... gone forever. There is something about that small space in a photo booth that really loosens people up. I think it's the fact that we have no idea what we look like, and you're just staring at a little black box (or a little light or something). You're suddenly free and it feels good. 

I really miss the days of when we all bought film and throwaway cameras. I've written about my anxiety for the future of photography and what is in store for Wyatt. It's something I'm constantly reminded of... especially when I look at beautiful photo booth mementos of my grandparents. What will I have to show for my life? A flickr account?

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