Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Potty training? Check.

(Side note: Doesn't it feel like everyone talks about the same things at the same time? Like potty training for instance. I have so many blogger friends going through this right now and I feel like my google reader is full of pee pee and poo poo stories! So sorry if this is redundant/uninteresting!)

I might be speaking too soon, but I have to say I think my kid is generally potty trained. And it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I've discovered the best potty training tactic for him was just letting him do it all on his own. Giving him the power to choose, to get on the toilet, to trust his little instincts. Wyatt is actually very independent despite is constant need to be around me. Other than that, he prefers to do everything and anything on his own (as long as he knows I'm around, he's good). And telling him that he can do something all by himself gets him beyond stoked. So really for me, the key to potty training him was telling him that he can go into the bathroom and "pee on the potty" all by himself and he was cool with that and thought it sounded pretty legit. We're still keeping him half nude and we reward him when he WANTS or REMEMBERS to be rewarded (which he almost never remembers, so I don't even bring up rewards anymore... and rewards were a few fruit gummies and I think that it's totally fine to give them a little treat to get the party started).

I do remind him about the bathroom and that if he has to go, he should... and he'll tell me if he does or doesn't have to go. It's really been that easy.

Diapers are on at night but I've noticed that he's having dry diapers when he wakes up, so I don't know if I should try to tackle that next, but we'll see. I'm not trying to jump the gun. When he wakes up in the morning I rip his diaper off and tell him to go pee (and I lay in bed for a minute while he does this- it makes him feel so big to get up and go to the bathroom). 

And that's that. Potty training in a nutshell for the Craig household. I think the fact that I waited this long was a really good choice for us. I'm all about people doing what they think is best, so if potty training is what you want to do, no matter the age, then more power to you. It was just important to me that we got communication down first (Wyatt was pretty delayed in his speech and didn't really start communicating until 2.5 but now he's totally speaking in full sentences). So once he understood what I wanted him to understand about the big world of toilets and stuff, everything else went pretty smoothly.

Some random things:
  • We do not use any potties or mini toilet seats. Reason? We're lazy? Didn't feel like investing? No real reason, we just went with it and Wyatt seemed cool with the toilet.
  • Watching Wyatt get on the toilet is hilarious! We also don't have a step stool (which I DO plan on buying but just haven't yet). He insists on getting on the toilet by himself... like I said, super independent.
  • Potty/toilet dances happen. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Also, announcing pooping and peeing to whatever parent wasn't present at the moment of said pooping and peeing.
  • Reverse psychology works with Wyatt. If he tells me he doesn't have to go, sometimes I tell him that I'll just go ahead and go then, which makes him say NO I HAVE TO PEE and then he pees a tiny bit. I don't know why, but he falls for it every time. 

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