Monday, September 17, 2012

Stamp Making DIY/Hipster t's for Toddlers!

I'm excited to have this guest post from one of my favorite instagraming mama friends. Bree Shark and I live in the same town (can you believe that?) and have been following each other for some time. She's always posting little DIYs and stuff and I think they're so cute. I'm so happy she agreed to guest post for me! Please check out this tutorial for how to make stamps/make hipster t's for toddlers! 


Above are my basic materials and small DIY on how to make homemade stamps!

I purchased my own stamp making kit at "Michaels arts and Crafts" store. It came with detailed instructions, a sheet of rubber and a tool with two different shaped blades. They also sell the rubber sheets by themselves if you already have the tool.

*If you buy from "Michaels" make sure you check their websites for coupons, they always have deals!

This shirt couldn't have been more simple!
All I used was my Homemade diamond stamp and blue fabric paint, then I went to town on the stamping!

This one is my favorite! I saw Kat Von D wear it to Disneyland this week and I knew I needed one, even if it was for the little!

The T-shirt is inspired by the band Metallica and the original can be found at for $48.
All I did was trace the letters, if you're great at drawing I'm sure you could just draw it out. After I traced the letters I stenciled them onto the Tee with a washable marker and then filled in the letters with black fabric paint. Make sure you put something in the shirt like a flat piece of cardboard so that the paint doesn't go soak through the opposite end! Finally, I traced and cut out a cat head from some scrap floral fabric ( because floral is Hipster) and hand sewed it to the Tee! Let the paint dry completely and then wash it so the shirt isn't so stiff on your toddler :)

I love dying things, so with all of the "ombre" hype going on I thought i'd throw that in as well! I used the same method in dying this shirt as this person did to dye their Easter Eggs!
I used pink dye and bucket, boiled water in a tea kettle and added the dye and salt (instructions on how to use your dye will be on the package). The hotter the water , the darker the color will come out. I strung a string through the arms and tied them to my bucket handles so that the shirt would stay suspended and only half of it would get dyed. After leaving it for about 15 mins I added more warm water and salt, this time I only went 3/4 of the way up. Waited for 7 mins and then submerged the entire shirt for another 10 minutes. If you look closely you can see that there are 3 shades of pink! Next, follow your washing instructions so the dye doesn't fade or get on any other clothes. I added a little shirt pocket just because I felt like if was missing something, I used some scrap fabric and hand sewed it on :)

And there you have it , simple and fast "hipster" tee DIY's for your toddler without breaking the bank! Hope you guys enjoyed these -shark

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