Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wyatt has learned to say HATE.

Wyatt has started telling me the things he "hates". I don't know why I'm surprise that he picked this up. I mean, he obviously hears people talk, including me. It's inevitable. I could of been talking to a friend and said, "Aw man! I hate when that happens..." and then BAM! It's locked in his little memory nugget forever and then eventually unleashed at random times. 

So far the things he hates are:
  • Yellow pillows
  • Green birds
  • Water
  • Team Umi Zumi
  • Diapers
Below is a little video of his telling me that he hates Yellow Pillows. I'm trying to teach him not to say hate, but I can't stop laughing about it too.

(if you can't see the video through your google reader you might have to come on over to my blog. sorry about that!)

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