Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Painted Rock Plantscape! Great gift idea and cheaaaaaap.

So, after posting about succulents the other day, it had me totally inspired to change up my plantscape "look". I knew I wanted to re-pot everything, and add some new succulents to the mix. So I went to Home Depot and bought a few more plants (including a cactus!), a large terra cotta cactus bowl (it's a cactus bowl because it's shallow, which is what succulents need. For more information on that, check out this post), and some cactus soil. I used rocks that I had gathered from around my apartment and then bought a bag of black river rocks from Michael's for about 4 bucks. I decided to paint those rocks to add some pop of color. I loved how everything turned out! (Oh, and the sugar skull was picked up a few months ago from Von's for 2 bucks)

Terra Cotta pot - 6 bucks and some change
3 new succulents - 8-9 dollars
Cactus soil - 4 dollars
Black river rocks - 4 dollars
Paint - already had... but maybe a few bucks

My whole project came to a little over 20 dollars and I love it. Looking at my new plantscape makes me so happy! 

Plantscapes make great gifts too by the way. An awesome housewarming or just for any occasion. I love the idea of making mini plantscapes for people. OOOOOOOoooOooOoooooOOOOooo Christmas gifts?!

Some awesome plantscapes I've come across on the PINTEREST/INTERWEBZ-

>So simple. Love that their grouped together.
>Who doesn't have or doesn't know someone who has some of these?
>Again, I see these lying around all the time!
>I'm dying over the cuteness of this
>Bam. Mason jar love. Naturally.
>Heh. Wine.
>Probably my next project.
>Genius! Muffin tins?
>I love vintage planters.
>Upcycled planters.
>Of course Apartment Therapy has talked about gifting succulents!
>Okay, shut up.

Okay, no more talking about plants for at least 2 days. I kid.

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