Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free Polaroid frames for DOWNLOAD!

Ah. Who doesn't love polaroids? (I mean, your hipster street-cred goes up at least 5 notches if you have some polaroids of yourself somewhere). I've made some cool polaroid frames for download. Just click the link under the image for a larger resolution of the frame (only the frame - no pictures will be in them). These are png files so you may need to have photoshop or gimp to use them.

Old polaroid - Download here.

Polaroid with pink hue - download here.

Simple polaroid - Download here.

Polaroid with print - download here.

Wide polaroid - download here.

Brown polaroid - Download here.

And if you're curious as to how I edited these pictures to look like they were ACTUALLY taken with old polaroid cameras, check out Totally Rad actions. I love their actions and I was able to mix some actions around to get these cool looks. Okay, that's it! Thank you! Feel free to share these polaroid frames with your friends!

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