Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Care for Succulent Plants

YAY! SUCCULENTS! Probably some of the coolest plants out there... if you even think of plants in that way. If not, maybe you should reconsider? Succulents instantly make your home look alive and add a special touch. I have been turned onto succulents quite recently from my friend Julie. She gifted me this pretty little arrangement that she made herself as a housewarming gift. She explained to me how she put it all together and I've managed to keep them alive for about 2 months now. And it wasn't hard! If you kill plants normally, then succulents are for you!

Some basic succulent care-

1. Succulents like to be a little bit neglected! Yay! I'm already doing awesome at this succulent care. Just water them real good and then let the dirt dry out a bit. I've read that succulents don't like to keep their feet wet. So let the soil get pretty dried out before watering again. I water about once or twice a month. Succulents store water in their leaves, so don't think they're always thirsty! 

2. Give them lots of sun! Keeping them in a south or east window is plenty good enough. Since I'm in California and the weather is pretty warm, letting them sit out on my porch or kitchen window has been just fine. You'll notice your succulents need more sun when they start "stretching" out towards a light source. That's a pretty good indicator that they're needing more sun. Direct light is best. (Remember, they're desert plants!)

3. You can propagate succulents crazy easy. Just snap off a leaf and let it seal for a few days. Then stick it in some dried soil (don't water it). In about sevenish weeks it'll grow roots and be ready to go. Just spray your leaf with water and it'll be fine. Also, any piece of a succulent is a potential new plant. So don't waste! You can even ask for leaves or cuttings from friend's succulents and grow entirely new plants with very little effort. I found an etsy shop that sells cuttings! (For more thorough information on propagating succulents, I found this post really helpful.)

4. Ideal temperature for your succulents are 70-85 degrees during the day and no lower than 40 degrees at night. 

5. You can buy cacti soil for your succulents or mix half regular potting mix with half perlite or vermiculite (you can find both at the garden store). This will allow proper aeration and drainage. Also, soil should only be as deep as plants are tall. Think low. 

6. I'm yet to do this one, but it's in the works - use pebbles on the top layer of your soil. This will keep the top layer of soil from drying out before the rest and will also keep you from overwatering. 

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