Friday, October 19, 2012

Love Stitched Review - OOoOOooooOO Pretty things will be at @QueenBeeMarket

I love pretty things. Don't you? And I have to admit, I've been feeling really yucky lately. So receiving my Love Stitched necklace was a nice little pick me up. Also, maybe it'll distract people from looking at my makeup-less face?

What I'm digging'? - the rosettes are totally my colors. I'm sporting The Nettie and I particularly love it because of the mustard colored rosettes. I have this slight obsession with collecting as many mustard colored things as I can. If I see that mustard yellow is an option, it will be picked. So yes, I love my necklace.

Love Stitched is a Queen Bee Market vendor. So if you're near by, you should totally check out the Queen Bee Market in Carlsbad or Aliso Viejo. Peep all their other vendors too, I'm friends with a few of them!

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