Thursday, October 11, 2012

Modern Toddler Chore Chart

doing work! 
We've reached the age of always wanting to help. And so, I let him help. I'm happy to teach him about responsibilities. Lately I've just been letting him wipe things down, help me take out the trash, sweep... just random stuff I don't think of until I'm actually doing them.

But it had me thinking about chore charts and how I'd like to implement one into our daily life. One that would be easy for Wyatt to handle and comprehend. I started digging around and found all sorts of charts. A lot of them were so cheesy and I couldn't imagine printing them out. I figured I'd just go ahead and make my own.

1. Tidy up your bed in the morning! It's so funny that I'm asking him to do this since I can't even bring myself to make my own bed, but hey! This is a chore chart and I'll be doing these right alongside him! 

2. Get dressed! 

3. Clean up your dishes after you eat!

4. Brush your teeth!

5. Pick up toys! 

After researching a bunch of chore charts, I think these are suitable "starter" chores for anyone under 4. It'll teach Wyatt basic responsibilities and to simply get in the habit of doing things on his own. 

And of course, if you'd like to print out my chore chart, here it is for download

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