Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Pregnancy Keepsake Book by Shutterfly

I am a terrible, no good, rotten person! I haven't really printed out ANY pictures in... years? Yeah. Years, dude. I wanted to, but I've just never gotten around to it, and printing pictures means you've gotta put them in something. I don't really have a bazillion frames or photo albums, so printing out my pictures has always been one of those projects that I've told myself I would do... sometime. 

Whelp, luckily for me I spotted an awesome discount code on the Shutterfly Facebook page (this is not a sponsored post by the way, this is just me telling you I got a discount code). I was able to get a photo book printed super cheap and I couldn't be happier. I made myself a pregnancy book so I can actually have something to remember my pregnancy. I don't have to log into my flickr and go through my archives anymore. Plus when people come over I can share this little book with them, or maybe even share with Wyatt when he's older. I don't know. A book needed to be made and that's all there is to it. 

To get my pictures ready for the book I went ahead and edited them all the same. Unfortunately I took my pregnancy shots with a stupid point and shoot back then (didn't own a dslr) and so the quality isn't as awesome as I'd want them to be, but I was consistent about where I stood and where I placed my camera for each shot. I did a side shot and a front on shot, but this book is only showcasing the side belly shots. I've also just recently edited everything to be black and white. I think it helps my low quality point and shoot camera shots to look a little better.

Setting everything up on Shutterfly was crazy easy too. I thought it was pretty fun and I liked the format. I totally knew what my book was going to look like, and so there was no worry for me that it wasn't going to turn out. I felt really confident as I was setting everything up, uploading my photos, moving things around, and selecting embellishments for each page. Plus there is a ton of different books to choose from. I went with Chalkboard Chic for my book style. (Again, this is not a sponsored post. I was not asked to blog about this. I just liked my whole experience.)
I'm just so pleased with how everything turned out. 

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