Friday, October 26, 2012

Some Formspring Questions - ANSWERED!

here's a picture of me since I feel like I have to put SOMETHING here.

what was it like being a "single parent" when Josh was deployed? did you have help or were you on your own? 

Hmm. Well, I actually don't like to talk about it that much because I think about REAL single parents that deal with it all the time. I knew at the time that my single-parentdom was going to come to an end. Yeah, it was hard. I did not like it. But, there was an upside - I totally know how to handle things if I need to. I do not need to rely or depend on anyone.

What is your cute little son up to lately? 

Currently, he is napping. But he's talking up a storm lately. Today he told me that my spikey legs hurt him really badly.

I got SOOOOOOO many questions about what Josh is doing now that he's out of the military- 

He's enjoying not working 12 hour days and being deployed to third world countries! Ha! But seriously, he tried to get into school this fall but his college records didn't come in time from Europe (he was doing schooling while deployed and all of his college stuff was done through the University of Maryland Europe and for some reason it took weeks to come in the mail), anyway, he'll be going to school HOPEFULLY in January.

If you could be anywhere, doing anything, where and what would be happening?

At this moment, I'd say I wish I was at my sister's house in Virginia, just hanging out. I wish that Wyatt and Quention (my nephew) were playing together. I miss that.

How do you get picked for awesome stuff like Toyota Women or sponsorships from companies like Oreck? 

I am a part of the Clever Girl's network and Blogher Ads. They have lot of opportunities for bloggers and that's where I get most of my sponsorships from. Sometimes I am contacted by outside companies to work with them. On my sponsorship page I explain how I'm happy to work with companies and how they can contact me. I think if you put yourself out there, opportunities will come your way.

You have been an inspiration in weight loss to me. Where are you now with your fitness?... still running, eating clean or maintaining? 

I am a huge disappointment my friend. I have gained weight. Running has completely stopped. And I just had chips and queso for lunch. I am a sad sack of gross right now. But I have plans in the works and I'm going to be losing weight soon. I'm happy to say I'm working with Medifast and I'll be posting about that whole experience.  

In all seriousness, do you ever feel like you've made a huge mistake? 

Whoa. This is pretty deep. And vague. I've made lots of mistakes in my life, but I happen to think that there's nothing you can do but keep truckin'. So yes, I have felt like I've made a huge mistake before. But, that doesn't mean anything to me. I just try to do better next time.

Hi! Do you think you will change your mind about wanting another baby once Wyatt is more of a kid than a toddler?

Going to be totally honest here - I doubt it. I feel very turned off by babies, and I'm not sure why. I like them for a small period of time and then I'm ready to pass them over to their parents. Every time I hold a baby I'm reminded of this fact. And I love the babies in my life, but I know that I'm not meant to have another one. If, by the off chance that something happens and I'm pregnant in the future, I will lovingly cherish my baby, but I'll be anxious for them to grow up a little bit and be toddlers. I much prefer toddlers. I also can't imagine there being anyone else but Wyatt. I know this all sounds terrible, but it's just how I feel.

If you could have one "do over", what would it be and why? 

I don't really know the answer to this. Every time I think of something that was unfortunate, I think of something good that came out of it. So it makes it hard to regret anything that's happened in my life.

The other day you said you had a brother and two sisters. I had read about your brother in here before, and of course of your sister Sam (I even follow her on IG) but I didn't know you had another sister! Can you tell us about her?

I do have another sister! She's 22 and she's my youngest sis. We actually have lost touch, but Sam and her talk.

If "Little Man" sleeps in your bed, how do you ever get any "quality time" with the hubs?

We have a weird sleeping routine now. It all went downhill when we had to live with family for several months before we got our apartment. But pretty much, Wyatt lays in our bed and I lay next to him until he falls asleep, and then once he's asleep I move him into his bed. We haven't put his bed together yet (WE SUUUUUCK) and he's still sleeping in our room. There's actually no reason why he's not in his own room. He sleeps through the night in his own bed.

What is your go to junk food? 

CHIPS. And salsa. But the main thing is just chips. I love them.

Do you plan out your blog posts and if so, how long does it usually take to post one (editing pictures, writing, etc)?

For the most part, I do plan my blogposts. It's usually just me thinking about my blog post for a day, and then putting it altogether at night. If it's a project, I usually take the pictures during the day (best lighting) and then edit the pictures and put the post together later in the night when Wyatt is asleep. I like to schedule my posts to go live by 4 am pacific time (7 am eastern) so the post is at the top of everyone's Google readers. It usually takes me about 2-3 hours total per post. Unless it's a really crazy photo dump or something.

Hey Jess! I'm a mom from the north living in the south. You say sometimes that you get the blues. How do you pull yourself out of a case of the downers?? By the the blog...been reading a long your are terrific....Jules

I dunno. I'm actually not that great at pulling myself out of feeling down. But, I guess I fake it till I make it? Probably terrible and unhealthy advice. But for me it's better to just move forward and to keep myself busy until things pass, because they usually do. GET YOURSELF A HOBBY THAT ACTUALLY TAKES YOUR BRAIN ENERGIES! Probably the best.

Was Wyatt planned? If he would have been a girl what would his name be?

Nope. I wanted to name him Violet or Astrid if he was a girl.

I know you and Josh met in high school. Is he your only partner?

Well, we dated since we were 16, so people before him don't really count. ;)

Do you think your online persona & your in-person personality match up?

Yeah, I think so. Of course there are things I don't share and don't want others to know, but I think my persona and online personality are the same. I hope so at least.

How do you think the people who know you in person would describe you?

Um, they'd probably say I'm friendly and will hang with just about anyone... I dunno. This is a hard question.

I've read that you love TV and let your son watch as much as he wants... but in your opinion how much is too much? just asking cause my son (almost 3 years old) loooooves watching tv so much it kind of worries me. i want him to want to do other things. 

As much as he wants sounds kinda bad... I don't think I'd let him watch as much as he wants. Well, maybe I do. But fortunately for me (and him) we do a lot of stuff that gets us away from home. I have no problem with him watching tv while we're home, even if it is all day. I think because I know that he'll probably be playing at the park or going to a friends house later. Planning activities outside of the home is probably your best bet. Even if it's in the back yard.

If you could only eat one color of food for the rest of your life, what color would you choose?

Probably beige. I can't think of anything that's beige that isn't good.

Do you ever regret having kids at such a young age? Do you feel like you're missing out on anything by being a young mother?

Yeah, sometimes. But not in the way that most people would think. I would never in a million years not have Wyatt or pass him up, and knowing what I know now, I still wouldn't go back in time and change things even if it were possible. But, I do think about things I could be doing if I weren't a mother. I think it's normal and natural and I'm pretty sure all mothers, young and old, think about it. We're all selfish by nature and we all really really really miss sleep and hate tantrums.

Do you think you're a good mother?

Yeah, I do. :)

How did you choose your son's name?

A baby book! Nothing amazing.

Hair routine please!? 

I wash my hair every morning, blow dry it upside down with a round brush, and then hair spray it all in place!

Why don't you just move up to the PNW. That's where all the cool bloggers are. ;-)

This is a true statement.

I think your son's hair is Super cute! Why do you choose to have his hair so long? Just curious. If I had a son his hair would be long too just wondering if your reason is the same as mine.

I have an unhealthy attachment to his hair. I just think it's a part of him and I have such a hard time cutting it. I'm also so used to seeing him with it, and I'm scared of how much older he'll look once I cut it. I think his long hair makes him standout and I dunno, I just love it.

are you close to your mom and siblings? i'd find it hard to move all the way across the country and not have them around me! 

I'm very, very close to my sister Sam. It's been really hard being away from her. Life pretty much sucks without her.

As someone considering blogging, what are the pro's and con's? second question (if that's allowed :D) is what were the challenges of starting one?

Pros - there's definitely a community here. Everyone "knows" everyone and we're all very connected. Cons - EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE AND WE'RE ALL CONNECTED. Just like any group, there are people that talk negatively and there's drama. For me there was no challenge of starting a blog because I didn't start it for any other reason than to keep in touch with family. I can imagine that it'd be VERY hard to start up a blog for any other reason due to the pressure of getting readers and stuff right away (in my experience, that stuff takes time). For me getting readers was a bonus and I'm glad I didn't start this blog for any other reason that what I started it for. Made it actually fun for me.

I'm in my late 20's and I dream about having a family and kids soon. However, not many people my age think to the future like that. What were your thoughts as you were growing, looking for love and planning for a family?

Whelp, I really can't answer this question since I got married at 18 (dated Josh since I was 16) and had Wyatt at 23. All of this love and family stuff just happened and I did not plan it. And looking back on my thought process is like thinking about a complete stranger. I'm not even the same person. I can't even remember what my thought process was. I feel like this is all I know. It's become who I am. And I haven't answered your question... see?

What part of Alaska did you live in? Did you like it?

I lived in Anchorage and I loved it. I think about going back all the time. It's always a regular conversation around here. It's not completely ruled out for our future plans.

You say your little apartment is way overpriced, how much do you spend on rent? And what is it compared to your last house for rent?

Last house in Virginia was 995 a month for a 1500 sq ft house, giant fenced in yard, and a garage. Here, I rent a 928 sq ft apartment for 1400 a month. BLECH.

How do y'all survive??? I know neither of you have a job yet, and haven't for about six months, so how are y'all making it? Big savers? Josh was deployed a couple of times, did y'all get big bucks from that?

Ha! Deployments do pay well, but it's not that great. And we still receive an income. I have freelance work that helps us too.

What is your favorite color?


If Josh would have had a different job besides Security Forces in the Air Force, do you think he would have stayed in? Why didn't he like the Air Force?

Maybe. There are a lot of politics in Security Forces. He often says he wishes he had picked a different job and he felt blindsided by the recruiter (who didn't?). He doesn't NOT like the Air Force, he just didn't like his job.

This is uber personal! Why do you not have a relationship with your mother?

She's not healthy/sane and I don't want Wyatt around that. So I was forced to cut ties.

how old and tall are you?

I'm 26 and I'm 5'5''.

When will Wyatt go to playschool? (I think it is really great that he has spent so much time with his family and his mama, I'm just curious)

I'm not sure. I haven't thought too much about it. I guess kinda soon...

If you have any more questions for me, ASK ME ANYTHING...


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