Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stuff Wyatt Says...

Funny things Wyatt has said lately-

"I'm just rocking my Julie baby"
"Here's your underwear boobs" (giving me my bra from off the floor)
"Can we go to Target to go to the Halloween?"
"Mama, will you get me cold apple juice from McDonald's pweaaaase?"
"I wub you mama! Please, I wub you!" (when put in time out)
"Mama, I don't yike your birthday."
"I don't yike dis song, TURN IT OFF!"
"My sorry I draw cheese on the door" (he rubbed cheese all over the door)
"Are we best friends?"
"I wanna be a robot butterfly for Halloween!"
"Hey, wook at dat Christmas guy!" (pointing at an inflatable Santa at Home Depot)
"Dis make me die? Kill me?" (he asks if dangerous things will kill him kinda regularly - _ - )
"Mama, I want sometin to eat tomorrow."
"Mama, I not poop on the floor no more"
"I just pooped out my penis!"
He walked up and gave Josh and a hug and a kiss and then told him, "I wuv Mama". I guess Josh was the next best thing since I was at the store.

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