Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tiny homes - I want to do it.

Josh and I are always talking about ways we can raise Wyatt with minimal expense and debt. It's really important to us that we can live the best lives we can, without breaking the budget (and honestly we're not awesome at that). We've realized kinda early on that having minimal stuff has been a positive thing for us. Since we were moving so much for awhile (and probably will a few more times in the future), not having too much stuff has actually benefited us.

So, we've been looking at our options. It's sort of a far fetched dream right now (considering I'm typing this up on my couch in my very overpriced apartment in California), but we're really eyeing the tiny/small homes trend. Frankly, people are sick of being in debt, sick of being over run with stuff, and they're wanting to make a smaller impact on the environment. The minimalistic lifestyle of tiny homes is so appealing to us.

Some hesitations that we have simply come down to Wyatt being raised in one of these homes. We think at this time in his toddler life it'd be no problem, but we wonder how he'll feel as an older kid and maybe a teenager? These places are very small, but very efficient. Tiny homes range normally from anywhere of 10-50k depending on how big and efficient it is. Josh is worried that a tiny home could be embarrassing for Wyatt. I'm not sure. We're a family of do-ers and have never really been true homebodies. So home will only be a place to chill in the evenings and sleep and sometimes eat.

When Josh and I were 18 we lived in a converted storage shed that my Grandmother had bought to live in when she would come and visit. It was actually crazy amazing. It had a kitchen, a countertop bar, a bathroom and a bedroom. It was totally drywalled inside and carpeted. That was great for 2 people and it was more than enough space for minimalistic types like us. We'd love to do something like that again, but a bit more upscale and a little bit more space (specifically for Wyatt since he'd need his own room/space).

If I haven't bored you to death, here's the fun part - Check out all these cool tiny homes that we've found.

117sq ft house, probably too small but very cool.

404sq ft house.

A lot of tiny homes just go TALL.

I love the idea of converting a storage unit.


This one inspires me THE MOST. Two sheds put together. 

So what do you think? Think we're crazy yet? I know this is all just talk right now, but I can't stop thinking about how we could totally do this. Do you think you could downsize this much and live in a space smaller than 500 sq ft? And does it inspire you to live within your means like these tiny homes people do? Not to get too preachy but, can you imagine how much of a positive impact it would be for our country if we all downsized? All of this is just so inspiring to me. Let me know if you know a thing or two on tiny homes. 

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