Friday, October 5, 2012

Un-plugged Camping Trip in the WORKS!

I'm pretty excited about a future camping trip that I'm planning with my brother and sister in law. It's an "un-plugged" trip and we're leaving our phones in the tents and keeping our laptops at home. No Instagram. No Facebook. No Twitter. Nothing. I am literally CRAVING this. I feel so overwhelmed with all the non-stop social media checking. And yeah, I could just turn that crap off. I could. But I find it a lot harder to do when you're home all day, even with the busy-ness of taking care of a toddler.

Some interesting facts about me and camping -

1. I have very, very, very, little experience with it. Nope. I can't really remember doing it as a kid. I'm pretty sure I went one weekend with my grandparents in their camper. AND, I'm pretty sure we had a portable TV with us too.

2. I'm hesitant about having greasy hair for a number of days. I need to shower everyday.

3. I can be pretty particular about my sleeping arrangements - comfortable mattress, over stuffed pillows, a box fan blowing on me... someone feeding me bonbons. I kid.

4. I might be a princess.

But even though I'm probably the prissiest person to ever go camping on the face of this earth, I wanna do it. I can't wait to make memories for my kid and to connect with my husband and family without having my stupid iPhone in my hand. Even though I have all these weird hesitations, in reality, they won't stop me from going and having fun.

Anyone have any good camping advice? What are the essentials?

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