Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chalkboard Art Christmas Printables!


It's all day everyday Christmas spirit up in this house. Playing music non-stop, baking cookies that I'm not eating (but my son and husband sure are), wearing red flannel like it's our job, and every crappy Christmas cartoon on Netflix has been watched again and again. I'm not normally THIS into ANY holiday, but this year a little switch has been flipped. I'm thinking it's because Wyatt is older and GETS it, and that I'm getting older and I don't care anymore, about anything. Bring on everything glittery, gold, and tacky! I love it all! 


So, in the spirit of everything HOLIDAY- I made some printables. Two slightly different ones because I couldn't decide what I liked better, so I figured I'd let YOU decide. Feel free to grab these in full resolution (link for download under each image).

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