Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Could I let go of the internet forever?

I am so obsessed with thinking about getting away and just letting go of the internet forever. Most people I think would find that strange, not that I would want to get away, but that I can't. What's keeping me? Well, for starters, something compels me to blog - to network. Sometimes I think it's because I obviously crave some sort of validation, putting myself out there and hoping for a positive reaction. I think that's human and natural, but when you blog you kinda get addicted to that warm fuzzy feeling. I'm also so wrapped up with knowing what my friends are doing, what everyone is saying, what picture they're posting, what bathroom mirror selfie shot in what restaurant... But isn't it all so stupid? We don't need to know everything. We used to not know everything. We called our friends and met up in person and caught up on everything. I think I was generally just less offended, I didn't read every rant that someone felt impulsive to type out in 60 seconds. I liked not knowing everything about my friends and family, but I didn't know until social media (2012 election anyone?).

And there are websites dedicated to bashing and ranting - why do we always feel like our opinions NEED to be heard. I know that's hypocritical to say since I obviously express my opinions here and feel free to do so, but I'm including myself. Who are we that we are so important that we just HAVE to say it? - NO OFFENSE BUT, FILL IN SOMETHING INSULTING HERE. 

I think if we were truly honest with ourselves, we'll all admit our happier days were before all of this self-inflicted bullshit. A guaranteed recipe for happiness will always be simplicity. I think once we start having thoughts like, GOTTA TWEET THAT or HEY THAT'D MAKE AN AWESOME FACEBOOK STATUS, we're doing it wrong. 

I don't know what the future will hold, even for me. I sit here and type out all of this stuff and I think, "just delete it all." I'm NOT saying that I will delete this blog, but I do think about it at least once a day and then I get this panicky feeling like it would physically hurt me if I followed through. Without a doubt, I believe I have a true internet addiction. I think I'm not alone either. The internet can be a very unhappy place disguised as something that we all want. 

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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