Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm down 11.5lbs! ( #Medifast is really working for me)

Ugh... I feel sluggish! But I was expecting that. It's a much needed Thanksgiving hangover that I allowed myself to be a part of. I've been doing Medifast for a few weeks now, but I knew it would seriously be IMPOSSIBLE to do Medifast on Thanksgiving. I mean, it's not impossible but I was just flat out not even going to bother, so mentally impossible for me. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love food, and I love that there is a day dedicated to just eating it and hanging out with my family. In fact, unbuttoned, bloated bellies are welcome! Love that!

But now I'm all feeling gross and bloated from God knows what I ate yesterday. It's okay. I know it's temporary. I kinda think I needed to do this to keep going. A day off if you will. That's the key for my own personal weight loss success. 

I weighed myself on Thanksgiving morning before I started eating anything and I was down another 2lbs. I'm now officially down 11.2 lbs and I'm starting to feel it. I won't DARE weigh myself today or even again until next Friday since I'm sure I'm up a few lbs from all the junk, but even so, it's just a small bump in the road.

I'm really finding my way in this whole Medifast diet thing. I've figured out the products I like best and I'm drinking a ton of water and things are just going smoothly. I really recommend this diet for anyone just tired of thinking about weight loss and want to lose weight without over thinking it (which is me). I like that I just eat their products and lose weight. It's really that simple. Plus I've really gotten creative with my "lean and green" meals and am feeling very satisfied all around. 

November 3 - 7.5lbs down
November 16 - 2lbs down
November 22 - 2lbs down 

11.5 lbs gone! 

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! If you'd like to get started with Medifast I have some promo codes for you-

Medifast has some deals for you! If you use my code, IROCK56, and sign up for Medifast Advantage when you order $250+, you’ll receive 56 free Medifast Meals and free shipping! You’ll receive 28 free meals with your first Medifast Advantage order and ANOTHER 28 free meals with your next order! This offer is only valid if you enroll in Medifast Advantage, and it’s limited to one per customer. It’s not valid with prior purchases, any other promotions or discounts, or for Medifast Ready-to-Drink Shakes.

Not ready to enroll in Medifast Advantage? You can use code IROCK28 to receive 28 free meals with your purchase of over $250. Limit one per customer. This offer is limited to new customers only and not valid with prior purchases, Medifast Advantage, or any other promotions or discounts.

Both codes expire on 3/31/2012. See website for complete details on program and discounts. Consult your physician before beginning a weight-loss program.

*FTC Disclosure:  Medifast provides their products for my personal use for free.  I am not paid or compensated in any other way for mentioning their products.  All thoughts written here are mine.

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