Sunday, November 11, 2012

My husband is a Veteran. #NaBloPoMo

Happy Veterans day!

I feel particularly proud of this day because of my husband and his sacrifice for this country. With lots of tech school, training, and deployments- my husband did it all with pride.

When I think back on our military life and what it once was, I almost can't believe how far we've come. Military life is like a special club and only those that have lived it can truly understand. You find yourself not being able to relate to civilians all that much and all you know is... military. Now that we're out of active duty life, I find myself missing it sometimes. Although I always knew that my husband was a hard worker, I have really come to appreciate everything he did in the military. Josh worked really hard and truly never asked for anything in return. I'm proud of his commitment to this family and his love for us. His work ethic and dedication makes me feel so convicted because I know he's a better person than I could ever be.

>>>I'm also super proud of my cousins, Matt and Pete- both serving in the Army right now. I miss them! Proud of them. 

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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