Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nope. He's not Kurt Cobain, he's a pirate. Halloween 2012

This was hands down the best Halloween yet! Although, we've only really celebrated one other one with Wyatt and that was last year (the year before THAT he was just a few weeks old). It was super fun and we made out with so much candy, it's just flat out disgusting. Wyatt was a pirate and he loved it. He told everyone everywhere that he was a pirate with a beard and he was just amazing. Not to be all sappy-mom but, I was pretty proud last night. He said "trick or treat!" and then once he was given his candy, he'd say, "TANK TUUUU!" and it pretty much melted my heart. Into goo. On the floor. And then it dripped down the drain.

SoCal really knows what's up in the Halloween department. I couldn't believe how many people went all out. I'm talking legit haunted houses (maybe not legit- because that would mean ACTUAL ghosts). I think we went through about 4 or 5 in a 3-4 block radius. EVERY house passed out candy and the sidewalks were packed. I couldn't believe how much I had to say "excuse me" or jump out of the way for someone. It was pretty great! If I were a kid here I would have ADORED Halloween. These kids don't even know how good they have it (I'm just sitting here thinking about my hometown of only 2,000 people).

I was also super in love with my sister in law's sugar skull face paint. Didn't she do awesome?! I'm not sure what I was. I mentioned on instagram that I had no clue what I accomplished with my face paint and I got the funniest responses! Here's some-

-Hipster Elf
-Burningman attendee
-David Bowie
-MAC make up artist (hilarious. if you've ever gone to the mall, you know...)
-Harley Quinn
-Halloween Fabulousness (my personal favorite)

I'm living on a mini sugar high from Halloween 2012! I hope everyone had an awesome one. Send me links to your Halloween posts in the comments and I promise I'll check them all out. Have a good time recovering from being chocolate wasted!

P.S. My MIL was a pirate too!
P.P.S. Wyatt's costume was mistaken for Kurt Cobain a few times? WTF?

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