Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pinterest LIES. #NaBloPoMo

(some bad language/content - don't watch in front of the kids! but super funny)

So, everyone's tried some things from Pinterest only to discover that it DID NOT WORK/TASTE GOOD/LOOK AWESOME. I sometimes talk about these failed endeavors with friends because #OMGHOWCANPINTERESTLIE!? Here are my favorite pins that quite honestly, suck... THEY ARE LIES.

1. Scrubbing your pans and making them look brand new with baking soda and peroxide. I saw all these before and afters and was seriously AMAZED (even though I'm pretty sure they were photoshopped). I have a few cookie sheets that have seen better days... Like, I should probably just throw them out. So I figured I'd try the baking soda and peroxide trick that everyone swears works (or at least everyone pins). It did not work. My hands were seriously cramping from the two hours I spent over the sink scrubbing those pans (I was determined and it started to feel therapeutic just cleaning and thinking). After two hours my pans had less baked on grime, but it was only because of the elbow grease. It wasn't even worth mentioning and I had to use a lot of bristle pads to get it that way. What a scam!

2. Microwaveable mug brownies. My sister tried it and said it was disgusting. You microwave your ingredients in a mug, but it just becomes brownie sludge and all you taste is the oil (one of the ingredients). Ugh gross. YOUFAILEDMEAGAINPINTEREST.

3. I saw on Pinterest awhile ago that if you place a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling pasta that it won't bubble over? Okay, so I've tried this like 5 times and it still boils over. Who is this person that started this pin? How do they have magical wooden spoons? Does this work for anyone else? Am I crazy?

4. Rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide to have a whiter smile. Okay, I pinned this one and was psyched because those white strips are super expensive. But then one day I started googling it and found so many websites discouraging rinsing with hydrogen peroxide in our mouths daily. There is something called Dry Mouth and apparently rinsing with hydrogen peroxide encourages it. Dentists actually DO NOT recommend you rinse with hydrogen peroxide (even though I'm pretty sure the pin I posted said that dentists are like YEAHDOIT!). Hmm... maybe I won't believe something to be okay just because I see it pinned? NAH.

So what does this make me think? It makes me think- 1. I will believe anything from Pinterest, so that means that there are probably other people like me who will believe that anything from Pinterest is true. 2. People are just pinning anything and saying "THIS IS THE BEST RECIPE EVER. YOU WILL DIE ONCE YOU TRY THIS!" and then we pin it because they said it was the best. But really it's just chicken with a packet of Ranch mix on it (which I'm sure is delicious but probably not the best thing you've ever had EVER... dramatic effect anyone?).

I still have a love/hate thing going on with Pinterest. And I know I'm not the only one that has seen stuff on there and tried it, only to realize that it simply does not work. It just makes me wonder if the original pin was as good/successful as the person was saying.

Now I feel so bitchy. Have you tried any pins that just didn't work out?

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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