Monday, December 3, 2012

The Covina Christmas Parade!

We had a pretty good weekend! Josh agreed to wear his dress blues (one last time he says) for his little brother's Boy Scouts float in the Covina Christmas parade. The theme was Heroes home for the Holidays and so Josh's mom asked him if he would ride in his little brother's float in his military get-up. Even though Josh didn't want to, he did it and was a total good sport about everything. He even shaved off his crazy beard he's been sportin', but it's cool - it'll probably grow back like, tomorrow or something. Wyatt got to be in the parade too last minute! We were all waiting for Josh's float to go by and when it did, Josh and his Mom grabbed Wyatt and brought him on board. Wyatt's life was pretty much made. Josh said he waved to everyone passing by saying, "HAPPY CHRISTMAS SANTA!" He loved it.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Happy Monday!

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