Sunday, December 9, 2012

The nightmare of all time outs.

Things have not been magical over here in the toddler department. You know it's bad when you try and use the magic of Santa to get your kid to just stop throwing a fit and they reply, "I DON'T WANT TO SEE SANTA EVER AGAIN!" What do you say to that? He of course loves Santa and would jump for joy at the sight of him every time, but Wyatt was pretty much telling me - Go ahead and try to use your scare tactics on me, I'm calling your bluff.

I'm not sure why Wyatt has been so emotional and headstrong lately. Lots of tantrums. So much crying. So much. He's been fighting me tooth and nail on everything. EVERYTHING. I sometimes feel like just phoning it in. Discipline is actually super exhausting. I refuse to back down and we follow through on everything, but with Wyatt's stubbornness, I'm finding that I have to be even more stubborn. It's super tiring. 

Here's an awesome example of the most exhaustive time out in all history -

Wyatt hit his cousin. 
We tell him he has to sit in time out.
He freaks out and cries, but sits through it.
Out of time out, he's now supposed to tell his cousin sorry.
Not gonna say.
Not ever.
Okay, back in time out you go.
Out of time out again, we told him to tell his cousin sorry.
Repeat cycle.
Oh, I should mention that we repeated this cycle at least 4 times before he broke down and actually said sorry to his cousin.

For us, it was the fact that he was refusing to apologize/refusing to cooperate. If he had just said sorry the first time we would have avoided an hours worth of time out, endless crying, and heart palpitations. But that's what it's like disciplining and raising Wyatt. He's a tough one, but I love him. I know his stubbornness will be awesome one day when it really matters and he needs to stick to his guns, but I'm just trying to mold him into an A-OK adult. 

Someone please hold me. 

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