Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Toddlers on Christmas day

Everyone gather 'round! Let me tell you a story about how a very stupid Mama thought she was going to have some sort of Hallmark Classic play out in her living room... keep reading.

Wyatt woke up on Christmas morning... not awesome? Not his best I'd say. I had really put this pressure on a magical Christmas moment of him waking up and discovering that SANTA CAME and brought him 4 beautifully wrapped gifts.

But lets back up a bit.

He woke up in my bed like he does most mornings and I showed him this awesome photo that I doctored from the ICaughtSanta app.

Something you should know about Wyatt- NOT A MORNING PERSON. It was my fault for rushing things. He usually needs about 20-30 minutes of cuddle time before he can get up (MUST BE NICE). So, I show him this photo and he's like, "yeah, cool..." and then I'm like, "Let's go see if Santa ate your cookies!". I force him out of bed and we head downstairs and he takes one look at the cookies (that have one bite in them, when they should of just been EATEN apparently) and he throws himself on the floor crying. I realize that he was expecting the cookies to be gone and I show him the bites. He totally thinks it's lame. I suuuuuck. Lesson learned.

It was as if Wyatt was oblivious to the presents. He didn't want to deal with them or even look at them. He was starting to hurt my feelings. He turns the TV on and sits down on my lap. We're trying to explain to him that Santa CAMEOMGOMG!!!, but he's being a giant turd. Finally my husband was like, "YOU DO REALIZE THAT THERE ARE TOYS IN THOSE WRAPPED BOXES?" and then it just clicks. He gives us this look like, "WHAT THE HELL? HOLY S#!T", and then goes and opens his gifts. It was totally weird and totally like Wyatt. He's always surprising us. He NEVER reacts the way we think he will. 

We had an awesome rest of the day and Wyatt was in a pretty good mood. He was excited that "Santa came" and told everyone so. I honestly think that he just couldn't understand the whole Christmas thing. He was groggy and pissed to be awake and his morning reflected that. At first I got pretty butt hurt about the whole thing, but I was able to snap out of it. Wyatt makes my life interesting ferrrrr shuuuurrrrre.

But the best moment ever was when Josh's Uncle Todd dressed as Santa and gave the kids a surprise visit. Wyatt's face was full of pure joy and he ran to him with open arms. He thanked Santa for his presents and it was nothing short of adorable. 

Let's see, what did I learn? Do not put pressure on "holiday moments"! Aren't we all guilty of that though?

Merry belated Christmas! Now let's bring on the New Year! 

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