Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vintage Jar Clip Art

It was a sad, sad, saaaaaaaaad day for me a couple days ago. My very favorite 40 year old Ball jar spontaneously exploded while I was stirring my coffee. It was a crazy freak thing that happened and left me speechless. I loved that jar. I guess it was it's time. I have two more that are starting to do weird things too. One randomly cracked while I was pouring coffee into it. Maybe I should stop using them for coffee? Maybe that's the moral of the story? But I thought they were canning jars? Aren't they supposed to withstand crazy heat?

Anyway, I love Mason and Ball jars like it's nobodies business. I find myself doodling them and pinning everything jar related. I'd honestly like to get married again just so I can have a hipster wedding with jars as my theme. So cute.

I've had these vintage jar doodles on my computer forever. I always thought I'd use them somewhere or for someone or something, but they've just been sitting here. So, you can have them! To download, just click HERE for full resolution.

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P.S. A little bit about what PERSONAL USE ONLY means - please do not use my designs for profit. I sometimes spend hours making these little designs for people to use for free, and it makes me sad when I see other designers using them for their own businesses. You may use any of my freebies to make invites, spruce up your blogs, make an awesome printable for yourself or your friends, decorate your house- but no selling! Thank you! 

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