Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm young, but old.

Being a 26 year old, married mother is a weird place to be in life. You think you're young and totally hip and cool, but then you hang out with a 21 year old single woman and realize that NOPE. YOU ARE NOT THAT YOUNG ANYMORE. NOPE. NADA. NOOOOOOOOO. And there's NOTHING wrong with being a 21 year old single girl, in fact, more power to ya! Sounds fun/was fun! But I've changed a lot since then, and HEY, 21 year old women- you will realize how different you will be in about 5 years too. It's cool. We all have gone through this. But my best advice is to live. it. the. eff. up. Things get pretty boring in the future. Of course, I guess they don't HAVE to, but it has for me and I'm comfortable. Stretchy waist pants type of comfortable. ::::exaggerated sigh:::: 

And my big beautiful mom brain! It has gotten incredibly more simple. My worries... thoughts.... they sorta stick around a few subjects. That's of course not everyone, I know. But that is me. I probably think about Wyatt and coffee the most during the day. No shame. Shame. Shame? 

How have things simplified for you as you've gotten older? Also, if you're younger, are you scared of your impending doom? JKJKJKJK No, but really.... LOLOLOL

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