Monday, January 21, 2013

SoapBox Soaps - Soap with a mission.

I WAS NOT PAID TO ENDORSE THIS BRAND. I just really, really like them.

SoapBox Soaps is an awesome company that believes in changing the world. For every bar of soap you buy from them, they donate a bar of soap to a child in need. They have donated soap to a ton of people in other countries, plus donated soap locally to struggling families, women's shelters, and nursing homes here in America, too.

And getting involved is crazy easy and affordable. For 9.99 a month you can order a subscription of 2 bars of soap sent to your home, and then of course, 2 bars of soap will also be donated because of your subscription. I think it's such a great idea. This would make an awesome gift for someone, 2 boxes of soap a month AND knowing that you're a part of something greater. If you're not prepared to set up a subscription, they have an a la carte as well. SoapBox sent me a few boxes of soap to test out and spread the word, and I'm really pleased. Everything smells fresh and great and I think it's all just genuinely awesome. I like to imagine how amazing it must feel for someone who desperately needs something as simple as soap, to receive a box and know that their quality of life will be made so much better.

All of SoapBox Soaps are made with all natural ingredients, gluten free ground oatmeal, organic shea butter, and sea salt- totally vegan. They also make sure to NOT include palm oil, parabens, petrochemicals (I do not know what that is but it sounds terrible), phthalates (a crystalline acid derived from benzene, with two carboxylic acid groups attached to the benzene ring- thanks Google!), and sodium lauryl sulfate. 

I went ahead and stole these pictures from a few of their Facebook albums (go follow them!) showcasing some recent charity work. I have such a heart for anything involving helping children overseas. I love that SoapBox is teaching children about the importance of hygiene. It's truly an important lesson and will save lives. 

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