Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Are you COLD? Win an EnergySmart Portable Heater from Honeywell! #giveaway

I feel crazy lucky right now that I live in southern California where the weather is like, 70 degrees ALL THE TIME. I never thought I'd live in such a perfect climate. I'm used to east coast winters - which I guess could be considered mild to some, but to me were always cold. 

Which reminds me of the dreaded heating wars with my husband. Yes. It is real. In fact, I'd probably STILL be at war if it wasn't for this perfect weather. Josh and I have always fought over if the house was warm enough. He's the super frugal one and thought we should all just bundle up, and I'm the one that thinks that I shouldn't have to wear my winter coat in the house. Where do you stand?

Honeywell sent me their EnergySmart 360 surround heater. I got to check it out and it's a pretty powerful portable heater. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I don't really need to use it too much, but I'm happy to have it for any random cold spells that we may have. I have been using it at night while I'm blogging at my desk (because for some reason I'm always cold when I do that?) and I've been feeling pretty cozy and warm. Yay! Warmth! Josh doesn't get mad about wasting electricity either because it has the EnergySmart technology. Yay! Technology! 

So here's the thing! You can win one of these heaters! Just enter the rafflecopter below.

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Giveaway ends February 11th! Good luck! 

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