Monday, February 25, 2013

Homemade Chips Made of a Homebrew Porter Hot Sauce

This is by no means a TUTORIAL. I mean, I know everyone knows how to make homemade baked potato chips. I had some potatoes left a few days ago and thought it'd be a fun cooking/baking project for Wyatt and I to do. I let him season the sliced potatoes and then place them on the cookie sheet to bake. I baked them at around 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Worked like a charm. 

The real kicker with these chips was that I seasoned them with my Uncle John's famous hot sauce (I also seasoned with seasonall, salt, and pepper- oh and of course a little bit of olive oil). He makes hot and tangy hot sauces that he fondly calls Bone Sauce. The secret ingredient is a homebrew porter. Uncle John mails us his porter and/or pale ale style hot sauces for the holidays and my whole family loves it. It's so delicious. If you'd like to see his whole step by step process, check out his little tutorial here. Learn how to make your own hot sauce! 

The chips were actually pretty hot! 

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