Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toddler friendly Saucony Jazz! @finishline

When Wyatt's Saucony Jazz shoes came in the mail he was ecstatic. He was barely dressed, but he still insisted on putting on his new shoes that very moment and ran around the house like a crazed half naked toddler. He calls them his "exercise shoes", which is adorable, if course. Josh and I watched him run around the house, "really big jump" over everything, and do some kind of dangerous karate move? I dunno. I don't ask. Needless to say, he's INTO these shoes.

I was pretty stoked when Finishline asked me to review a pair of their toddler shoes. I quickly jumped on the chance to review the Saucony Jazz because I remember wearing Sauconys in middle and high school. They were always so comfortable, so I knew Wyatt would like them too. Plus, COLORS. I love the color options.

So far my favorite thing about the Saucony Jazz is how toddler friendly they are. With easy velcro, Wyatt is putting on his own shoes, which is huge deal. I'm happy for him to gain some independence and for me to keep on being lazy! Yeah! (Anyone else get exhausted bending over putting shoes on their kid? Just me? That's embarrassing.) They're also incredibly light, which is a big change compared to his heavy soled shoes he used to wear. I could tell he immediately felt a difference, which is what made all the "exercising" ensue. 

My verdict? Awesome. I'm completely sold on him wearing these Sauconys for all eternity (hey! he can put them on himself, remember?!). At such a low price too ($33.99), I think they're a good bang for your buck. They're durable and can withstand the pounding that my kid puts them through. I highly recommend the Saucony Jazz if you're looking for a good shoe for your active kiddo. 

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