Friday, March 1, 2013

Have you heard of Creative Grooming before?

Um. So you guys... there's this thing called "creative grooming" and people actually groom their dogs to look super bright and colorful and crazy. I never knew of this until last weekend when I helped my mother in law work her booth at the Pet and Grooming Expo in Pasadena.

My mother in law, Sharee has a really cool job. She's the rep for Viva La Dog Spa products, which is under Cardinal Pet (you probably know them for their Crazy Dog line). Anyway, long story short- Sharee needed me to help her in her booth during the expo because it was crazy busy. I rang up customers, talked to them about the Viva line, and hauled heavy gallons of product all over the place. I was exhausted... but I loved it. The best part was seeing all of these crazy looking dogs. I never knew that creative grooming was a thing! 

The expo hosted competitions everyday. I have been totally oblivious to this pet grooming world apparently. What do you think of it? Crazy or kinda cool? I'm on the fence mostly. I think the animals look kinda sad! But there's no denying that they're loved by their owners. Do you think we should dye our dogs hair?

P.S. - if you're interested in receiving some free samples of the Viva La Dog Spa line, my MIL asked if I could get some emails! So if you just leave your email in the comments, I'll see that she gets it. She'll contact you about getting some freebies. I smelled this stuff all weekend and I promise it's amazing - and groomers love it. 

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