Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Holi Festival in Los Angeles

This past Saturday I went to the Holi Festival in Norwalk with a bunch of my friends and family and all our kids. Mostly, I went so Wyatt could throw colors at people/his cousin, but it turned out to be a pretty okay time. I got to experience my first color throw alongside my nephew and son (both were stoked), drank some coconut water, and got incredibly filthy. 

The vibe there was super upbeat- everyone was into the whole message of the day. I'm not Hindu, but everyone else was "feeling it". Whatevs... still fun. I was happy to bring Wyatt to something that was culturally different than what he's used to, and I'll probably always do that- no matter how many times my husband's eyes roll out of his head (hehe). 

Thank you Julie and Steph for letting me steal a bunch of your pictures! 

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