Thursday, March 14, 2013

I admit, I'm selfish

Someone mentioned to me in the comments of yesterday's post that they noticed I was self aware of my selfishness. It struck me a little bit, but I wasn't offended. I actually think she/he hit the nail on the head. I am self aware of my selfishness. In fact, I think a good healthy amount of selfishness is important for a woman. Before anyone gets huffy, bare with me here...

There are naturally extreme circumstances that will make anyone's selfishness come off as WTFBITCH! But, to put yourself first occasionally is never a bad thing unless it hurts those around you. No matter what, my first priority will be Wyatt, but if I feel that Wyatt will be a-okay and I have an opportunity to do something for me, then I'm gonna do it. And :::gasp::: you should to! 

As women and mothers, we're always making EACH OTHER feel guilty for things that shouldn't even be considered wrong. I wish that having a mental break day was more accepted in this country. I find that I battle more criticism from women than anyone else. Doesn't that make you kinda sad? It does for me. Being selfish every once in awhile means that I can heal my brain from stress and then be a better person/mom. If women were truly honest with themselves, they'd admit that we're easily resentful and can harbor some serious nastiness- let's decompress! 

So yes, I am a bit selfish. I want to desperately hold onto who I am, and that's not always MOMMYx5000. Allowing myself to do things that are aside from being a mom is like therapy for my soul and makes me rock harder at motherhood. 

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