Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I've learned my lesson about expensive toys

Josh and I do not spend a lot of money on Wyatt's toys. For starters, he's 3... he'd rather play with a cardboard box. But mostly, it's because we don't want him to be too spoiled. We have a limit to around 4 presents for Christmas (or 1 big gift), and for his birthday he usually gets a simple toy or something. We don't go crazy on the possessions because we spend plenty of money on life experiences/going out as a family. Trips and outings are more important to me than him having a bunch of toys at the end of the day (that he probably won't even play with because honestly, he doesn't even play with the toys he does have). I vividly remember the experiences from growing up more than what toys I had.

This doesn't mean that I don't have an impulse to buy him all the things. Especially when I see that other kids his age have so much. I start to feel a little bit insecure when I see Wyatt dive deep into another kid's toy box and is in pure toy heaven over all of the awesome things that his cheap ass parents won't get him. Josh is really good at keeping me in check though. He reminds me that it's all so trivial, competitive, and truly doesn't matter. And he's right! Wyatt's needs are met, he does have toys (like, a lot. I'm gonna go purge some soon), and even better- my kid gets to DO fun stuff, very often. 

Anyway, sometimes I let Wyatt pick out something from the dollar bins at Target and it makes his life. Or, he asks if I can get him a Hot Wheels car. Sure kid. I can spend 99 cents. Because you know what? I bought you a 100 dollar Batman cave thingy that is just sitting in the corner of your room. LESSON LEARNED. 

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