Friday, March 8, 2013

My office is in my son's room

Several weeks ago I moved my desk into Wyatt's room. Smart move? Nope. I'm getting nothing done. I  figured I'd be able to entertain him more and sneak in whatever I needed to do on the computer at the same time. Big fat no. Half the time I have a toddler in his chonies hanging off the back of my chair, or requests for the Google game (you guys play that right? Where you image search random stuff your kid asks you to look up. It's a good learning game). Quite honestly, I have a hard time getting my mind in the right place to even work while Wyatt is awake. So I stay up super late and do what I need to do. I hate it. 

I'm not REALLY complaining. I feel very blessed/lucky to stay home with my son. I just need to learn how to better balance my time, that's all. I feel like this has been my number one challenge as a mom. Finding the time to do stuff for work and spending quality time with my kid. Anyone know the magical secret to mastering all of this?

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