Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My weather is probably better than yours. Probably.

Man, I may gripe about the cost of living here in So Cal, but good grief I need to punch myself in the face. I live in SO CAL. The weather is PERFECT right now. Practically paradise. So many people are cold in this country and I'm driving with my windows down (who am I kidding? I have the AC on in the car). 

Yesterday after running errands for a little bit, we spent the entire day at the park. I actually got a little bit of sun on my face and Wyatt played with a bajillion different kids (so many were sick! eek! gonna try and ignore that factor). Everyone was enjoying the perfect day and I was super content being outside. 

Today is going to be even warmer than yesterday and I promised Wyatt we'd go to the pool in our complex. He's excited and went to bed last night talking about how he couldn't wait to swim. You can't help but be happy when the weather is in the 80's in March. :)

My weather is probably better than yours. Probably. Not to brag or anything... (neener, neener)

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