Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Raising An Only Child

I get really worried about Wyatt being the only child (which is a final decision by the way!). I watch him play, or better yet, beg me to play with him and then I start to feel bad. I remember playing with my sisters and not even seeing my mom for hours. We'd be out in the yard or in our rooms, our imaginations were endless and we always played off each other's ideas. 

The benefits for us having an only child are FAR greater than adding more to the mix. Of course, if something crazy happened and I did get pregnant, I would adjust and love the shit out of the next kid. But for now, I can't help but think that having only one makes the most sense. I want to be able to have awesome vacations, put him in crazy clubs/sports/hobbies he's into, support him through college, and who knows, maybe help him buy his first house. I remember not having much as a kid and living super crappy, and I absolutely don't want that for Wyatt. I always felt super awkward about money with my mom, always wondering if we could afford things. At an early age I remember picking the cheapest thing off the menu during the extremely rare times we did go out to eat. I don't want Wyatt to be a selfish spoiled brat (and trust me, he's not), but I don't want him to have anxiety about money either.

For now I try to surround him with as many kids as I can. He's got his cousins that are close in age and we frequent a super busy park quite often. I only hope that being around these other kids will help him to be well rounded and teach him how to deal with all those crazy kid situations you've gotta experience (as a right of passage). I'm so thankful that he's a very charismatic kid and not typically shy. He's pretty great at sharing, and he loves to be involved with a group. Wyatt is such a people person, which just makes me feel even more guilty. 

How about you? Do you have an only child? If so, do you ever feel guilty about it?

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