Friday, April 12, 2013

Allergic to All Oxi-Active Stainlifter

I have been pretty stressed out the last few days. Wyatt has broken out in full body hives from what appears to be an allergic reaction to new laundry soap I bought. I'm so mad because I keep telling myself to just make my own laundry soap (it's my whole quest to living cheaper/cleaner) but I hadn't gotten around to making the switch yet. I actually had bought some detergent on clearance at Target because we were out (the brand was All Oxi-Active Stainlifter for those that are curious) and did a 3 day laundry fest and got all our piled up laundry clean.

Wyatt's hives are so crazy that he can't even TOUCH any fabric washed with it. He nestled up with Josh and just doing that brought back the hives after I spent so much time getting them down. I've slowly been re-washing all of our clothes, towels, and sheets. I'm literally taking clothes out of the closets and cabinets and just washing it again. I'm so mad but I have to do it or my kid just breaks out again. I've been re-washing with Arm and Hammer Sensitive skin detergent for now.

He's never been so allergic to anything in his little life. I did a little googling and found out that a lot of people with no experience of allergies are reporting extreme allergic reactions to All Oxi-Active Stainlifter, so just a heads up. I got it on clearance so maybe the company is getting rid of it?

Doesn't that freak you out, though? I don't consider myself the greenest person on the planet, but the fact that a detergent is able to put you out of commission for a little while is just crazy to me. It makes me want to pull out an old wooden bucket of river water and a washing board and live off the grid or something.

We're still dealing with the lingering effects of these hives. Wyatt's skin is still reddish and the bumps have lessoned, but he's left with these rough dry patches everywhere. His eyes are red and puffy. I'm giving him warm baths with a couple of drops of doTERRA lavender oil and I've switched all his soaps to free and clear just to be safe. I've also been giving him Benadryl when his flare ups are bad. For the most part he's still running around playing, but I'm like a crazy person when there's something wrong with him.

This picture is of when his hives were full blown. Yeesh.

This post is weird. I'm just so neurotic right now that I can't think of anything else to talk about. Sorry!

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