Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Worm Farm

This might be the grossest DIY ever on earth, but when you have a kid that has an insane interest in bugs, you find yourself with a mini worm farm in your kitchen. All in the name of education! Right?

What we did-

Dug up a ton of worms. I'd guess maybe 10ish? We used the surrounding dirt (I heard it's good to use the dirt that the worms came from?) and put it all in a bucket. Now onto a viewable worm farm!

I wanted to make it simple and easily viewable, so I used a mason jar. The trick to seeing the worms along the sides is to keep the worms from going in the middle of the jar. Insert a spacer in the middle of the jar before you add in your dirt, works like a charm. Put in all worms and throw in a few bits of fruit or veggie scraps. It'll feed your worms and keep the soil nourished. I also would put a few pieces of wet paper towel on top of the soil to keep it damp, do this every few days. Worms like that apparently (ever lift up a board or large rock in your yard to find it damp and with a billion worms?). 

When you're done make sure you make it dark and cool for your worms. I wrapped my jar with a piece of scrap fabric. Whenever Wyatt wants to see his worms, we just take off the fabric and we can see all the worm tunnels and worms inching around the jar. 

To be honest, I'm not sure how long I'm willing to keep a worm farm in my house (ha!) but it's a fun thing for Wyatt right now and he loves bugs and creepy crawly things. Do you have a little bug lover in your house too?

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