Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fact: This blog doesn't actually matter.

Things have been really low key around here. I've been working on actual home projects, getting over a weird cold that made me dead tired, taking Wyatt to the pool, and munching on food all day. Somehow I ended up taking a blog break, which was kind of an accident. I didn't mean to not blog for this long, but I guess I got kinda lazy...

I gotta be honest- blogging has been really boring for me lately. I feel like everything I do and see has been done a million times and there's nothing I'm talking about that is really all that interesting for anyone (it's okay, I know). What was once something that I did for me and my close family has evolved. I can honestly say that blogging has changed my life, brought me new relationships, and without a doubt lasting friendships. I like the conversation that happens here, even if it's about things that don't matter. I can't imagine not blogging, but sometimes I wonder if an inevitable end will come.


I was talking about this with my husband last night. What will I talk about when my kid is older? When there isn't anymore cute toddler things happening... When you have what's mostly a mommy blog (I hate that title but whatever) and you're not having anymore kids, are you even relatable anymore? I can see my blog evolving since I'm evolving, but it might evolve to something that just isn't all that cool (you think I'm not that cool now?... just wait how uncool I can get when I have time and NOFUCKSGIVEN added to the mix). I guess I'm okay with that. It's okay to not be cool.

I dunno what this post really means. I guess I felt like I needed to explain where I was coming from lately and how I've been feeling. I'm not quitting blogging or anything, but I do think about this blog's future and if it even matters (OH HEY, IT DOESN'T). I'm just kind of slowly taking it in and realizing that there may have to be a bowing out one day. I just don't really know when or if I even will... or will I just drive this all to hell and kill it with fire in a spectacular blaze of glory? Life's burning questions.

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