Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I ate all of my kid's Easter candy behind his back

Man, I haven't felt like doing ANYTHING for the past few days. I will always ride out any excuse to be a bum around the holidays. Easter was no exception either. We had a pretty busy one, but it was fun for Wyatt (and us too). 

Wyatt really understood the concept of the Easter bunny this year. We surprised him with a few little gifts that the Easter bunny magically left him while he was sleeping- he dug that. Then we went to Mom-Mom's to have a super egg hunt with all of his cousins. He made out okay (he got more eggs with money in them than candy). Also, here's something super terrible and made me feel extremely awful- I ate all his Easter candy while watching The Shield the other night and he found the wrappers when he woke up. He came running into my room crying, asking me who ate all his Easter candy? I lied and said someone must of robbed us... his face. SO awful. I suck. 

Truthfully, he doesn't need anymore candy. But still. In my defense, the kid got TOYS from the Easter bunny aka his mom and dad. I'm trying to make myself feel less guilty at this point. 

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