Monday, April 29, 2013

Printable Diamond Box Template

I am really pleased with how these little foldable paper diamond boxes turned out. I designed them with my favorite instagram landscape photos (you know you have some on your phone, too). I think these printable, foldable boxes could be great as little presents, party favors, or whatever. They're small (probably 2 inches wide), but still pack a punch as far as presentation goes (did I really just type that?). Simply print and cut them out. 

Here's the template I used (sorry it's so rough, but it'll do the job). For full resolution of the diamond box template, please click here. I had to do a little editing in photoshop to fit my images inside. 

And if you'd like to just download my ready-to-go-printable-photo boxes, here they are as well. There are a few patterned boxes in the set that aren't pictured above. 

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