Monday, April 15, 2013

Stop telling me to put my baby down

This very somber milk making machine was me back when Wyatt was only a month old. I remember being so tired... so unimpressed. When I took these pictures I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before. I was so proud of myself for actually getting showered and putting some make up on- which only could be done if Wyatt was screaming in his bouncer somewhere because he'd barely sleep more than 20 minutes on his own. I was always so petrified to put him down because I knew he'd freak out, and the freak outs would be hard to calm down and would consequently result in an awful day. For anyone who judges mothers for not putting their babies down, listen to me- JUST STOP. STOP RIGHT THERE. WALK AWAY

There are so many kinds of babies out there (that's right! my baby is different than your 10 babies). Some are pleasant! They love being bounced around from the start! And some you might actually think were born just to torture your soul. My baby was one that screamed steadily for 4 months straight- NO. MATTER. WHAT. And the screams would only be louder, more intense, and closer together if I didn't hold him all the time. I didn't have the strength emotionally to 'train' my baby to be able to be independent, and I didn't really want to either. I was already so tired as it was. I was only getting 3 hours of sleep (and not even at once), and my husband was always deployed or something. Wyatt for realz hated his dad, which was just awful because when Josh would take him, it'd just make more work for me in the end. The sound of his shrill screams would put me on edge, stress me out, and make me feel so suffocated. The times I gave in and let someone "help" me always would result in me having to soothe my hyperventilating baby afterwards. It all wasn't worth it and I figured that one day (HOPEFULLY) it'd get better. So next time you want to butt in and take a screaming baby from a mother or tell her to put him down and that "he'll be okay", remember this- if you CAN'T get that baby soothed, you're making that mother's life a living hell. A LIVING HELL

Things did get better of course. My kid eventually got over his hate of everything (took a good year!), and now it's all but a distant memory. There are things I wish I could of done differently, but knowing my son's personality, I don't think it could have gone down any other way. I was meant to baby-wear my kid 24/7 for the first year. There's no changing that. 

Moral of the story- do what you think is right. Even if others think it should be done differently. You know what's best for your kid no matter what. 

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