Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We got rid of cable

I love TV! I do not think television is evil and I thoroughly enjoy it. But, with the way technology is and all the ways we pay to watch TV (Hulu and Netflix), it just makes sense that we get rid of cable. AND SO WE DID! We are officially cable free! We watch Hulu and Netflix streamed through our Wii and Xbox and it's been working perfectly. For me, watching TV this way is such a bonus because I can watch what I want when I want to. When I realized that I was paying 100 extra bucks a month just to watch Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network I realized I was taking crazy pills. Now we can honestly pick a show instead of being at the mercy of a TV channel. I'm saving an extra 100 bucks!

Are you cable free too? If so, do you miss it? 

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