Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Awkward party

I wasn't sure if I was gonna mention any of this because, well, it's weird... and awkward. I was invited to a family member's Passion Party a couple weeks ago and I went to be a good sport (or an ol' sport). I didn't exactly want to go because most of the people there were Josh's relatives and I'd like to keep anything sexual and family separated. I'm sure you understand. But when it comes to family there's no getting out of it, and so I went. Besides, I figured it'd be really funny and I could at least laugh and tell my husband all about it later, also disgusting him. Win/win.

I sat in a circle of family and random friends of the host and we all got to know each other. We played a weird game where we had to move to the right if we had experienced whatever sexual thing the Passion Party lady talked about. Guys, my mother in law was there. So many times in the night we looked at each other like, "Is this happening right now?"

Towards the end of the party we're left to make our orders and everyone was ordering stuff. If enough guests ordered stuff the host got a gift or something, so I felt like I should buy something. I ended up buying some extremely overpriced body scrub that I immediately regretted and had super bad buyers remorse. The whole experience was so weird. 

Have you ever been to one of these kind of parties? Maybe I'm just a big prude but I thought it was the most awkward thing ever. 


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